Welcome to Neatly Nested Design

Welcome to Neatly Nested Design and Décor where you can find all possible design ideas for your home.

My name is Sam and I am a full time mom. Making my home beautiful and cozy for my husband and kids is something that makes me really happy. I love creating beautiful and creative designs for our home furnishings, including for pillows, accents, rugs and throws, tabletop and even designs for my contemporary garage door installation Michigan.

Then my family and friends started noticing my designs and begged me to create stuff for them as well. Other people who saw my designs loved it too and asked to buy my stuff. From there, this has now become a full-time job and a source of additional income for my family.

This business is really close to my heart because I pour all my passion and inspiration in creating all of the designs for everything that I have on offer. Know that every product I make is made with love and care.

Here are just some of the things that I do:

Home furnishings

This encompasses all of the things that I am passionate about. I just love going about the house and thinking of new stuff to do. Sometimes I knit small toy figures or throw pillows. Sometimes I embroider. And sometimes I just keep myself sewing and wait for the final product to come out. All of these small arts and crafts are featured here in the hope that you will appreciate it. If you are interested in something on the products section, just click it and go through the payment process.


I love making pillows. I create pillows in different designs and colors according to my fancy. But definitely, my strength is in creating pillows in animal designs. Do you want a giraffe design? What about a whale? Or maybe a little penguin? Check out my designs and choose whatever you like.


Would you like some accents that will improve the look of your home? I will be happy to provide that for you. Just look at the products section and see for yourself whatever it is that you like best. Or click the Contact Me tab and send me an email of your design preference as I can make personalized or customized accents just for you.

Rugs and Throws

I have various rugs and throws available for you in different looks and designs. With my collection, I am so sure that you can find something that you like and that will complement your home. What’s more, you can also request for personalized versions. Know as well that all of my designs are unique so if you buy one, rest assured that you will be the only one who has that kind of design or look.


I have lots of tabletop designs that I am very sure you will appreciate. Choose one from my collection now. My tabletop designs are definitely creative and unique.